Reminders are good things. I know it is hard for our manly pride to admit it, but they are. Sometimes reminders come as banner notifications on your cell phone, and other times they come from the little woman you call your wife. Regardless, they are completely necessary to a sex so prone to forget.

I for one am grateful for reminders. I live my life by checklists. My checklists have checklists. (No really, they do!) I’m always finding myself grasping for a pen and paper to jot down anything important because I know if it’s not written, it is forgotten.

The fact is we all need reminders from time to time. And I believe the greatest reminders are not earthly in nature, but they are eternal. We are so quick to forget the wonderful works that God has rendered from such useless sinners like us! We are much like the children of Israel who saw the great and mighty hand of God over and over again, but would quickly slip back into an idolatry of forgetfulness. It’s amazing that the golden calf was erected around 30 days after the entire host of Israel heard the voice of God. Only 30 days passed, and they were worshipping an idol! Why? Because they had forgotten what God had said and done for them!

Personally, one of the greatest reminders God has kept fresh in my mind is the promise that He gave to the prophet Jeremiah in Jeremiah 33:3, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Several years ago I adopted this verse as my life verse, and it has been such a wellspring of encouragement to me throughout the years. I challenge you to claim a verse that has had a significant impact on you. Study it, and let it study you.

But one sweet additive to my life verse is the way God reminds me of it. Every time I see the number 333, I try to stop what I am doing and pray. I remember the promise that God gave to Jeremiah and remember that it is for me too! You wouldn’t think you would see that number very often, but it’s astounding to see how God will place that number on so many license plates, billboards, receipts etc…I can testify to you that I see 333 almost everywhere I go!

Sometimes He brings a need to my mind to pray for, and other times He just wants me to know that He is always listening. I’ve gotten to the place now where I’ll stop and talk to Him and ask what He wants to show me. And to be honest He doesn’t usually show me a big check with $10k on it. Although, that would be okay with me. He usually shows me something about Himself. Often he has brought to my mind something from Scripture I had memorized but never truly seen. Sometimes it is a truth from my morning devotions that I didn’t really catch before. Whatever form it takes, I’ve noticed that His reminder is always a loving attempt to bring this forgetful child back into His loving arms.

That little reminder has bubbled over into every aspect of my life. It has even become a great spiritual staple in mine and Kathryn’s marriage, so much so that we got married at 3:33pm.

I want to challenge you to claim this reminder as your own. Anytime you see 333, remember this promise that God has handed down to us. If you are sure to call, God will be sure to answer you, showing you great and mighty things which thou knowest not. Take this simple challenge with you and watch as God sets this wonderful reminder in the right place, at the right time.