In Ephesians 6:10-24, we find the Lord using the apostle Paul to admonish the believers in Ephesus to continue living for the Lord. There were great reasons to continue! There were people that needed to be saved! There were churches that needed to be planted! There was the judgment seat of Christ ahead! And still today, we must continue for Christ with the purpose of pleasing Him and reaching the lost. However, there is a challenge in continuing for the Lord. That challenge is our opposition from Satan. I would like for us to notice seven steps in this section of Scripture that God gives us in order to continue for Him.

In order to continue for Christ, we should…

1. Be strong in the Lord (vs.10)

I am reminded that a tree becomes stable and strong through its roots. It can weather the storms because it is grounded. Likewise, we can become strong in the Lord through being rooted in Him, through His Word. Daily time in God’s Word is a must if we are to continue for Him!

2. Put on the whole armor of God (vs.11)

We must understand that we are not capable of overcoming the power of Satan in our own strength. We must use the resources God has given us! May I also say we must put on the whole armor. Not just one or two pieces!

3. Understand the enemy (vs.12)

To often we forget that the battle is not between one another, but against the the powers of Satan.

4. Withstand in the evil day (vs.13)

While the word stand refers to continuing, the word withstand means to “stand against.” May The Lord help us not only to stand in this evil day, but also to stand against wickedness!

5. Suit up (vs.14-17)

This suit is the resources that God has given us in order to continue! We are told to suit up with the truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, and the Word of God!

6. Pray (vs.18)

Prayer is something that many Christians struggle with. We struggle with a place to pray, a time to pray, and the motivation to pray. However, one of the greatest resources we have in the Christian life is the access and fellowship with our heavenly Father! Don’t neglect a daily prayer time, nor a prayer life. May we not forget that there is power in prayer! Pray for yourselves, your needs, as well as the needs of others, and our country!

7. Consider one another (vs.19-24)

Paul realized the importance of the fellowship between himself and those he was writing to, as well as those around him. May we find ourselves desiring the fellowship of God’s people for the purpose of praying, serving, and communicating one with another.

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